Form, Fill & seal machine (multi-track)

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Form, Fill & seal machine (multi-track)
PLC Controlled Fully Automatic Intermittent Multi Track M/C can pack Powder, Liquids and Semi Liquids such as: Detergents, Shampoo, Sauce, Paste, Cream, Tea, Pan Masala, etc. in four side seal pouches made out of heat sealable laminate. Machine available in 2 – 10 tracks depending on the width of the pouch. PID based temperature controller. Adjustable sealing jaws made of Stainless Steel/high C-Steel. Intermittently Film drawn by pull Roller controlled by Electomagnetic Clutch & Break System or Servo Drive.

Quantity to be packed: 2gms -50 gms (Powder), Liquids: 2ml – 250 ml.
Automation: PLC Controlled, PID Based Temp Controller, Electromagnetic clutch Brake / Servo Drive Pu
Pouch Type: Four Side Seal (Side Gusseted or without Gusseted)
Roll Width: Up to 1000 mm, No of Track 10 depending upon the with of the pouch
Speed: 40 -60 PPM/Track
Max Dia. Of the Roll: 450 mm
Power Supply & Consumption: 415V AC 3 Phase, 50 Hz., 12 Kw.
Compressed Air required: 10 CFM @ 6 Bar without Moisture

Dimension : Compressed Air required: 10 CFM @ 6 Bar without Moisture
Net Weight : 1750 Kg. (Approx.)
Optional : Collating System, Volumetric Cup Filler, Spool Valve Filling System for Liquid, Vibratory Feeder for Tablet & Capsule, Web Controller, Batch Cutting.

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